Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

I’ve been reading through the OT history books, and this week came across the story in 2 Kings 4 about Elisha and the widow with the small amount of oil as her only possession, but with creditors at her door. Elisha tells her to go ask her neighbors for jars – ask for many, not just a few. And then the sufficiency of her oil to meet all her pressing needs comes about through the participation of her friends.

As many of you know, I’m not always the best correspondent – I keep putting off writing till the end of the story, but the story just keeps on going. (I guess I need to learn to write serials rather than complete stories!) But that denies you all from knowing what’s going on, and providing your prayers, which can be seen as similar to the how the neighbors in the story were able to participate and be a part of what God was doing. For that I apologize, and hope that I can improve in the future to ask for many to participate, not just a few.

This goes for prayer partners too. I know you all are faithful prayers, but I haven’t always provided you with information to guide your prayers. But I’m feeling that need acutely as I contemplate surgery this Friday, August 21. As many know, I’ve been dealing with idiopathic neuropathy for nearly 15 years now, and no longer have normal sensation in my hands or feet. Numbness is one thing, but I’ve also developed severe intermittent pain in my feet from the condition (no normal sensation but loads of horribly painful sensations) that has interfered with activities and life in general. I feel like the woman in the gospels who is described as having sought care from many doctors and they’ve not helped and she is even worse after all their ministrations! Well, I’ve tried all of the medications, therapies, and surgeries trying to ameliorate the pain, with no success. The last thing left to try (at this point in time at least – still hoping for medical research to find other treatments) is an implanted spinal neuro-stimulator – kind of like TENS right to the spinal cord. It doesn’t treat the pain as such, but creates a competing sensation to overload and block the neuropathic pain sensation. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can check it out at I had a trial of this in July with some benefit – not 100% but enough to make it worth trying the permanent implant.

So that’s what I’m scheduled for this Friday. It was originally scheduled for September 11 but they got a cancellation, so I’ve been running around like crazy to get all the pre-op requirements done and to get my house ready for living for 6-8 weeks “from the middle shelf” (as my Mom put it after her stroke) – I won’t be allowed to bend over, reach up, twist, or lift more than 5-10 pounds to allow everything to heal in and not move the spinal cord electrodes.

I might be a “holy and consecrated missionary” (cue for all my friends and those who know me to laugh) but I am a bit anxious. This is a big thing and has a big impact on the rest of my life and on me getting back to Oaxaca in January. So I ask for your prayers – for calmness, for ability to get done what needs to be done and to not stress over the other, to have a good and uneventful procedure and recuperation, to have patience during my middle shelf time, to have persistence and organization to get some needed study done during that time, and to have good pain relief and the ability to return to Oaxaca in January. Oh, and you could pray for the surgeon and the OR team and the guy who programs the unit and modifies it as we seek the best settings for relief. Feel free to pray for my Mom too – it’s hard on her not being able to be with me or really help, and because of back restrictions, it will be difficult to take her places or bring her to my house for dinner, etc… during this time.

Well, this is quite long, especially after not having written much in the past few years. I promise to keep you informed of my progress. And I thank you for your faithful prayers and support, even when I have been less than faithful in my communication.

¡Mil gracias! Y ¡Muchos bendiciones de nuestro Dios a todos!

Cindy Hoover

(aka Oaxacadoc)

PS – those who are wondering about Clancy, Oaxacadog, during this time, well, she’ll be living it up as the princess she thinks she is at my cousin’s friend’s house, being spoiled rotten.

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3 Comments on “Prayer Request”

  1. Jeannine Bailey Says:


    Prayers coming your way.


    Jeannine T. Bailey CMA, CPC, CMPE
    Practice Administrator
    Londonderry Pediatrics, PA
    25 Buttrick Road, Bldg. E.
    Londonderry, NH 03053
    Phone: (603) 425-6276
    Fax : (603) 421-0868

    Stand out from the rest – become certified through ACMPE, the profession’s most respected certification and Fellowship program.

  2. Al and Elaind Says:

    You are being lifted up! Elaine and Al

  3. Alan E. Johnson Says:

    Dear Cindy,

    Obviously this is a major surgery . . . with major implications. I pray that you will indeed be able to return to Oaxaca in January, to continue the call God has given to you. May you find some good things on the middle shelf . . . things you may not have known were there.

    Pastor Alan Johnson (and Elaine)
    Urbandale, Iowa

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