Lo Siento Mucho – I’ve been a poor communicator

Dear Partners in Ministry,

I know I’ve been a poor communicator – I keep wanting to wait till the end of the story before writing, and it seems that God always has a little more to add so I never end up writing. ¡Lo siento mucho!

But I will be in the US on Home Assignment this year, so maybe we can visit and talk about all God is doing through the holistic health ministry of Semillas de Salud. I will be living in South Florida (Pompano
Beach) and traveling to visit churches.  If you’d like to chat about scheduling a visit, please email me at cindy.hoover@covchurch.org or talk with Barbara Fisk in Covenant World Mission offices, barbara.fisk@covchurch.org.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support of my ministry in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Please be praying for me as I tie up loose ends for my year away from Oaxaca and my plans in the US.

I look forward to seeing you all this coming year, ¡Dios primero!


Cindy Hoover

(aka Oaxacadoc)

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2 Comments on “Lo Siento Mucho – I’ve been a poor communicator”

  1. Linda Chestney Says:

    Miz Cindy—

    I’ve forwarded this to our pastor, Frank Catalano, of Evergreen

    Covenant Church in Sanford, ME. He’d just recently expressed

    an interest in having you visit.

    Praying for your fur baby. Wish there was an easy solution…

    Love you!


    Linda Chestney, M.A.

    President and Sr. Publicist

    Nicolin Fields Publishing & PR, Inc.

    208 Atlantic Avenue

    North Hampton, NH 03862



  2. Nancy Cramer Says:

    Hi Cindy:

    I am so happy you will be coming home for a long stay. I am vice pres. of Women’s Ministries here at CVOF…we would love for you to come to speak at a monthly meeting on the first Friday of May Thru October. Please let me know what would best for you.

    Also, I am treasurer of the Spiritual Life Committee, and I have spoken to Chaplain Rocky Cook and he would like for you to come to speak during a chapel service, on Sunday nights starting at 6:00 to 7:00. Please let Rocky know when you would be available.

    Thanks. Can’t wait to see and to hear you….

    Love, Nancy Cramer

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